Friday, September 26, 2008

Welcome to my blog!

Well HELLO all! Welcome to my blog! I am excited to tell you a little about myself! This blog is a little preview of a few of the things that LOVE and care about! So here is a look at The World Through My Eyes!

To begin this Journey, let me introduce you to my favorite people in the world, my FAMILY! I am the 3rd of 6 children, and was luckily enough to be born a twin! My oldest brother is Cory, he is 26 and one of the funniest people I know! My next sibling is Kelly, he is 24 and lives in Jackson Hole, WY and is a Vice President of a company that is developing a new credit card! Next in line is Me, following 18 min later is my twin sister Michelle. She is my best friend! She married Greg Nelson on October 21, 2006. They welcomend their 1st baby Deagan on September 9th, 2007. Next is my little sister Chelsea. She is 17, and one amazing tennis player! Finally last by certainly NOT least is my little brother Cody, he is 11 and has completed our family! So here are my favorite people!

From the great state of Wyoming!!!

I was born in Billings, MT but have lived my whole life in Wyoming!

The small Wyoming town that I grew up in is Powell, WY. This is a picture of one of the Mountains that is right by Powell! Isn't it beautiful!?

I believe!!!

I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. This gospel has changed my life and I love it with so much!!

Some of my favorite places!!!

I have been lucky enough to have traveled to a few places in the past 22 years! My most favorite place in the world is the Grand Teton National Park! I spent 5 months summer 2007 working there and having an amazing time! It is amazing to see one of God's great creations!

I have visited Mt Rushmore a couple of times in my life and have LOVED it both times! What an amazing sight!

Summer 2006 my mom, my twin sister and I spent a week in New York City! It was one of the most crazy places I have ever been! It is was for sure a HUGE culture shock for me to visit since I grew up in a town with almost 6,000 people! I want to go back there so bad some day!

When I was a sophomore in Highschool I had the chance to go to Washington D.C. with a group called Close Up! It was my first real time away from home, so that was hard, but it was an amazing expereince for me!

I hope some day that I will get the chance to visit Ireland! When I was in 4th grade we had a whole unti around Ireland! I hope some day that I will be able to have a chance to visit!

I have had the AMAZING expereince of attending BYU-Idaho! I have loved the past 3 years here, and have grown so much! I am grateful for these experiences that I have had!

I am a Communications major and have LOVED it! I will be graduating in July of 2009! I am excited to get out in the real world and use my degree!!!

One of my favorite places here in Rexburg is the new Temple! I LOVE it so much! I hope to get married here someday!!!

Some of my FAVORITE things!!!

So I really love movies, but there are a few that stick out in my mind as my favorite! My first would have to be Serendipity!! It is such a funny and romantic movie!!

Okay I have to admit that High School Musical 1 and 2 are one of my favorite movies! I love the music the most in these movies! I am SOO excited for the 3rd movie to come out soon!!!

So I LOVE Pizza!!! My most favorite kind of pizza would have to be from Cragio's!

I was just reminded recently how much I LOVE Almond Joys!!! They are just amazing!!

Another thing that I LOVE is ice cream! Especially Cold Stone!!!!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE music!!! I could go on an on about all of the different bands that I love! Some of my favorites are Coldplay!

Another one of my favorite bands EVER is Mae! They are not the most well known band ever, but they are super amazing and I just love them!

One of my passions is running and exercising!

This past summer I had the amazing opportunity of running in the Teton Dam Half Marathon! It was such an amazing experience, and I plan on doing it again this next summer!!

I recently have become obsessed with all Apple Products! I just bought a Mac and have LOVED it! Along with this Mac I was lucky enough to get an Ipod touch!

A picture of a computer that looks just mine!!!!


So one of my dreams someday is to get a black lab. I absolutely LOVE these dogs! I grew up with several different dogs, and a few of them were labs. I hope that I can someday have on again!